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The Heart of Europe Dubai

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Unlock the allure of tax-free rental income by letting your property work for you when you're not using it. Experience the security of a guaranteed 100% net ROI that transforms your investment into a perpetual source of wealth. Discover the epitome of coastal living with our beachfront properties—your forever sanctuary awaits. Choose from a curated selection of ready and/or fully furnished mansions, villas, floating villas, studio suites, and 1 BR suites, each offering breathtaking panoramic views of the sea. It's not just property ownership; it's an invitation to a life where your investment becomes an exquisite legacy, blending luxury, security, and unmatched returns

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Dubai Island



Annual Stay

14 Days for Investors

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Zero Service Charge

Visa Acquired

Golden Visa


8.33% Net ROI for 12 Years


Apartments & Villas


Studio, 1 Bedroom and Villas

The Heart of Europe

The Heart of Europe, a venture by the Kleindienst Group, is leading the way in the second home market. Situated on seven coral-rich islands in The World, this innovative destination in Dubai offers an unparalleled celebration of European experiences and culture in a sustainable manner. Comprising Germany, Sweden, Honeymoon, Floating Lido, Switzerland, and Main Europe, The Heart of Europe is not just a holiday home destination but a tribute to the best of European heritage and lifestyle. Traditional architecture, authentic experiences, and cutting-edge technology define this development located 4km from the Dubai coastline. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled cultural richness, The Heart of Europe introduces groundbreaking features, such as the world’s first floating and underwater living experience, the inaugural dedicated wedding hotel, and the pioneering artificially engineered, climate-controlled raining streets.



The Heart of Europe unfolds across six pristine islands nestled within The World, Dubai. This expansive artificial archipelago, located just off the coast of Dubai, is poised to emerge as the Middle East's premier retreat. Picture Maldives-inspired islands, a serene escape easily reached by boat. Your journey to The Heart of Europe is as exceptional as the destination itself, with arrival options including boat, seaplane, or helicopter. Our convenient shuttle service operates every 15 minutes, complemented by water taxis with pick-up points across Dubai mainland. Your seamless and picturesque arrival sets the tone for an unparalleled experience on these unspoiled islands.

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