How to get an real estate investors visa in Dubai?

The Dubai Real Estate Investors Visa is a popular option for those who wish to establish a long-term presence in Dubai, either for business or personal reasons. It offers a range of benefits, including easy access to the city’s vibrant economy, world-class facilities and services, and tax-free living.

The Dubai Real Estate Investors Visa is a type of visa that allows individuals to reside in Dubai for a specified period of time, typically three years. The visa is granted to foreign nationals who have made a substantial investment in Dubai’s real estate market, typically through the purchase of a property or properties.

In order to be eligible for the Dubai Real Estate Investors Visa, individuals must meet certain criteria, such as a minimum investment amount, a clear criminal record, and proof of financial stability. Once granted, the visa allows the holder to live, work, and conduct business in Dubai, as well as to travel in and out of the country without the need for a separate visa.

Dubai Investors Visa

Frequently Ask Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

This service allows the real estate investor who owns a property equal valued at AED 750,000 or more at the time of purchase to apply for a two years renewable residency visa, and the husband or wife and children can be sponsored.

1- Passport
2- Availability of an electronic copy of the title deed certificate
3- Personal photo
4- Valid health insurance
5- Original Emirates ID (if any)
6- Copy of latest visa in the UAE (if any)
7- Police clearance (issued by Dubai Police and addressed to Land department)

1-The minimum property value is 750,000 AED
2- In case the property is mortgage, 50 % of property value or at least 750,000 AED to be paid to the bank. NOC letter along with mortgage bank statement will require to proceed with visa application.
3- Husband and wife can Share in one property and the value of the property is 750,000 AED or more . (marriage certificate attested required).
4- POA will require in case the application will submit on behalf of the investor.

Family Visa
1- Noc letter from the father, attested by the notary public (in case the mother is the sponsor).
2- Daughter over 18 years old (Proof of social status from Dubai Courts).
3- Must Bring National ID for ( IRAN – PAKISTAN – IRAQ – LIBYA – AFGHANISTAN ) .
4- Original passport and Emirates ID
5- Personal photo
6- Health Insurance
7- Marriage certificate attested
8- Birth certificate attested
9- IBAN bank account
10- Son over 18 years old (Study certificate)

Parents Visa 1 Year
2- Affidavit Certificate of dependency from the consulate attested
3- Bank statement for the last 3 months
4- Original passport and Emirates ID
5- Personal photo
6- Health Insurance
7- Birth certificate attested
8- IBAN bank account

Note : Only applicant allowed to get in the center and it is not allowed to bring escorts.

you can submit any documents requested above by uploading to DLD Vault

Investor Visa 2 Years
Total: 9,953 AED

Family Visa 2 Years
– Wife 6,832.25 AED
– Daughter over 18 years old 6,832.25 AED
– Children under 18 years old 6,132.25 AED
– Son over 18 years 8,832.25 AED, for one year only
– Husband 8,832.25 AED, for one year only
File Opening for family Visa – 318.75 AED

Parents Visa 1 Year
8,632.25 AED, for one year only

Step 1: The customer visits one of the Service Centres
Step 2: The customer submits the requirements and pays the fees
Step 3: The medical examination is conducted in the Centre
Step 4: Visa stamping on the passport

Bank transfer
Credit/Debit Card

2 years visa

7 to 10 working days

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